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Our Principal, Mr. Branson

As your principal I have worked diligently to ensure your children get a high-quality education. We have employed an excellent teaching staff, assistant teachers to minimize student to teacher ratio, and a variety of enrichment programs designed to broaden the horizons of your children. We believe this exposure will give them motivation to set lofty goals for themselves and start thinking about college and careers in the 21st Century. We analyze the needs of every individual child, and we ensure they are going on the right path which will make them successful in all their endeavors. In addition, we provide them a Christian education which will shape how they think and act from a moral standpoint to mold them into responsible citizens. Doing these things aligns with our promise at Christ the King Catholic School, which is to love God, serve our community, and pursue academic excellence in the name of Jesus Christ.



Principal Ivan Branson at

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